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F9 Features

F9 is a powerful, easy-to-use financial reporting solution that dynamically links general ledger data to Microsoft Excel. Microsoft Excel users already know how valuable spreadsheets are for financial reporting. F9 leverages that value by delivering your GL data directly to Microsoft Excel through a dynamic link to the most current information.
  • Web Dashboard Web Dashboard
  • V5 Table V5 Table
  • Excel Ribbon Excel Ribbon
  • Pivot Table - Web Browser Pivot Table - Web Browser
  • Pivot Table Viewed in Excel Pivot Table Viewed in Excel
  • P & L P & L
  • Income Statement Income Statement
  • Formula Trace Formula Trace
  • Drilldown Drilldown
  • Dept. Income Statement Dept. Income Statement
  • Cash Flow Cash Flow
  • Balance Sheet Balance Sheet
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Businesses want their most critical data, their general ledger, instantly accessible at all times. Accountants need to be able to take any slice of data and create a report or conduct an analysis on demand, in addition to preparing the standard daily, weekly, and monthly reports needed for financial reporting.

F9 offers a powerful feature package:

  • Excel-based functionality ensures ease of use
  • Formula Calculations eliminate re-keying of numbers
  • “Business Intelligence” Reporting offers KPIs, Table and Pivot Table analysis
  • Web Reporting and dashboards are within a browser
  • Report Analysis diagnoses errors in a report
  • Drill-Down Capability by account segments, transactions, pivot details
  • Budget Write-Back to the GL
  • Consolidations over multiple companies and databases
  • Ad-hoc Reporting using the report wizard
  • Scheduling report calculation, distribution and email

F9 does all of this through a dynamic link to the GL, ensuring that all numbers are timely, consistent, and complete. You will never have to manually create and customize your spreadsheets again. With a few simple steps you will be able to create the reports you need quickly and easily. You can manipulate your reports and refresh simply by clicking the F9 key on your keyboard.

F9 solutions maximize accounting resources, enhance productivity and deliver in-depth flexible reporting for improved profitability. Out -of-the-box queries and reports get your personnel up-and-running quickly. Filter reports by any criteria you require and change them with simple point-and-click procedures.

F9 allows you to create financial reports the easy way, and without technical help. Define and design your report quickly and easily through drop-down menus and graphics. Within minutes, you can create any report required – whether a summary or detailed –for any designated date range.

F9 employs a combination of financial based formulas in Microsoft Excel, allowing real-time general ledger data to be formatted into any financial report within the powerful environment of the spreadsheet. With F9 you can ensure you always get the critical information to manage your business successfully.

Stop wasting valuable time on redundant building and rebuilding of reports. With F9 you’ll spend that valuable time analyzing financial data and overall business performance. Once a report is designed, recalculating a report is as easy as pushing the F9 key.

F9 has been integrated to over 150 general ledger (GL) systems, if you are a customer or partner looking for an integration to a new GL don’t worry our experts can put a new link in place very quickly in a matter of days not weeks.

If you know Excel, then you know F9!


Easily manage and automate F9 report generation in Excel. Reports can be scheduled to recalculate on a time or event driven basis and also easily e-mailed to distribution groups and address book contacts.


F9 can consolidate general ledger information across multiple databases, companies, and departments – all with a push of a button. F9 can even consolidate general ledgers that do not share the same account structures.


F9 can report on multiple budgets into Microsoft Excel. Reports can then be modified and written back to the source database with a click of a button.

Web Reporting

F9 can take any segment of data to report or analyze. Easily apply various criteria such as multi-company or multi-department reports and see which accounts are missing or duplicated.