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Web Reporting

F9’s data analysis and visualization tools analyze information, spot trends, and access your company information. You can add even more flexibility for the distribution and access to your valuable F9 reports through a web-based reporting module, F9 Connect.
  • Web Dashboard Web Dashboard
  • V5 Table V5 Table
  • Excel Ribbon Excel Ribbon
  • Pivot Table - Web Browser Pivot Table - Web Browser
  • Pivot Table Viewed in Excel Pivot Table Viewed in Excel
  • P & L P & L
  • Income Statement Income Statement
  • Formula Trace Formula Trace
  • Drilldown Drilldown
  • Dept. Income Statement Dept. Income Statement
  • Cash Flow Cash Flow
  • Balance Sheet Balance Sheet
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With F9 Connect you can easily provide this insight across the web for access anywhere. Reports can be published and recalculated via Microsoft SharePoint. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) you define in your F9 reports can easily be saved as Dashboard content to get your critical data communicated directly where it’s needed most with no duplicate efforts.

Easily create analytics that include key performance indicators and interactive tools to deliver actionable insight about financial performance to management personnel. Role-specific dashboards help set priorities and simplify access to critical information needed to understand and maximize performance across an entire organization with full drill-down capabilities to explore the report numbers to their origins. Sales teams, product groups, regions, lines of business, and other divisions all benefit from a real-time view into the status of the metrics against which performance is measured.

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