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What’s New In F9 Version 6

F9 V6 is available for F9 Professional.

Scheduling Hub
New Functionality
  • Run Reports: By Folder, File, Separate Tabs
  • Distribute Reports: By Tab(s), File(s), Timestamp
  • Publish Reports: Viewer, PDF, Values, Directory or URL
  • Generate New Reports: By Parameters
  • Protect Reports: Optional passwords, email alerts
  • Multi-Users Option
  • Separate App: Runs outside of Excel (Workstation and Windows Server)
Scheduling Hub vs Task Scheduler
Feature V6 Scheduling Hub V5 Task Scheduler
Recommended Platform Server Workstation
Schedule Calculation
Email Reports
Save to New Folder
Publish to Viewer
Password Protection
Tasks by Folder/File/Tab
Report Writer/Viewer
New Features
  • Insert Functions
    • Replaces Account Enquire + GL Paste
    • GLTRAN created with all extended parameters
  • Report Refresh
    • Recalculate reports by a selected cell range, worksheet, or workbooks
    • Rebuild data rows for F9 Tables and PivotTables
  • Insert Lists and Dropdowns
    • Drag and drop parameters to any cell
    • Lists, Filtered lists such as an account range, and dropdowns
  • Streamlined Software Updates
    • From within Excel and Scheduling Hub
  • Scheduling Hub Included!
Insert GLTRAN Function
Create Reports by a Specific Date Range (Bi-monthly, or weekly)
  • Challenges
    • To report over a non-fiscal time frame, for example: one week
    • To analyze activity by debit and credit totals separately
    • Filtering reports by additional parameters not available from period balances
  • Results
    • Reports return results based on more detailed operational data
    • Filters are linked to specific dates and additional transactional parameters
    • Decision makers can make more fine tuned decisions
  • Why Use Insert GLTRAN
    • Easier way to build a report template to sum transactions across date ranges
    • Builds ERP specific parameters automatically saving you time on learning the syntax
    • Creates F9 dropdowns for the initial control area which provides useful report filtering
  • Updated User Interface
    • Ribbon and Task Panes
    • New Icons, Drag and Drop
  • Excel Slicers
    • New from F9 Table and Pivot
    • Visualized filtering
  • Interactive Wizard
    • Each step outputs to Excel
  • New Licensing
    • Customer self-service Portal
    • Lookup your products and activation details
New Licensing

100% Revamped...

  • Customer portal for self-service
  • Latest platforms support for on premise, virtual, and cloud
  • Online and offline activation
  • New term licensing (1/3/5 years) in addition to perpetual

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