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F9 Scheduling Hub

Schedule and distribute 100's of reports in one click.

As part of F9 version 6, F9 Scheduling Hub extends and replaces the functionality of the F9 Scheduler with a more robust, feature-rich, server-based tool. It maintains a library of all scheduled and distributed F9 reports, providing a hierarchical view of organizational structure for which you run reports and a convenient point of access for managing them.

An Advanced Reporting and Distribution Solution

F9 Scheduling Hub provides a sophisticated, easy to use interface for working with F9 Excel reports. Familiar spreadsheet properties, dimensions and dropdown control values can be viewed, selected, and combined to manage content. Include a folder to have all Excel files calculated; work with a specific report to select individual worksheets to publish and distribute to multiple recipients. F9 Scheduling Hub helps increase productivity and lower labor costs related to reporting.

Prepare reports by adding filters, conditions, emails, password protection and more.
Process reports manually or schedule to run automatically with options for any frequency.
Publish with multiple formats and distributes them to all levels of users within your organization.

Core Features

Trees / Hierarchies / Groups
Use different combination of parameters using hierarchies and groups of code (F9 Financial Entities)
Report Tree Filtering
Add report filters parameter
Run Reports
Run any F9 report by worksheet, workbook, and directory
File Formats
Output in various file formats (XLSX, XLSM, XLS / PDF / Values, CSV / XPS, HTM / F9 Viewer...)
Publish Integration
Save on network, FTP, SFTP, SharePoint, Email attachment, F9 Viewer
Email Integration
Include Users, Groups and Contact lists to setup scenarios for informing users when tasks have completed. Built-in support for SMTP Servers such as: Outlook, Hotmail, Gmail, and Yahoo. Attach calculated reports to emails as an additional option
Password Protection
Password protect Excel files or worksheets
Scheduled Tasks
Schedule report tasks to run automatically with options for frequency such as hourly, daily, or weekly
Other Features
Zero-Suppress content, Add Time-Stamp to Excel file, Hide/Unhide worksheet

Display, manage, and have more control with your reports

With Scheduling Hub, reports can now be newly generated files from a source F9 report based on one or more report filters and conditions.

  • Filter output reports by Excel cell, range of cells, formula, or constant value
  • Control your task report generation by adding conditional rules to your workbooks

Have more control with emails distribution

Manage the emails to be sent for one or more report tasks. Email groups, contacts and address lists.

Output reports with multiple formats

Manage processes that create new reports and automate the delivery to one or many recipients in multiples reports formats. Ties together all the report files defined to be saved with multiple formats, file destinations and/or email recipients.

Define when and how often the F9 reports will run

Streamline your reporting process by scheduling F9 reports to recalculate on a time or event-driven basis. Pre-schedule reports to run and be distributed automatically on your desired timetable.