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F9 Version 5.5 - What's Changed

Things to know before you update.

Why Version 5.5?

F9 V5.5 is an update to F9 V5 that includes Licensing changes you should know about before updating. The licensing portal for F9 V5 will be retired and replaced with our new licensing portal solution.

The reason for this change is that the current licensing vendor plans to retire their web portal.

  • Activated F9 V5 software continues to run
  • This update does not affect the activated state of F9 V5
  • Replacement license keys are permanent to machine(s) + user(s) activated on
  • The new licensing portal is available only to customers on maintenance
New Licensing

100% Revamped...

  • Customer portal for self-service
  • Products and Entitlements view
  • Latest platforms support for on premise, virtual, and cloud
  • Online and Offline activation
  • Manage Devices (Machine + User)

New License Key Scenarios

Even though activated F9 V5 runs as-is, there are a few situations where you will need to use a replacement license key. Your F9 V5 product may need to move to new hardware or have additional seats added, for example. Because the V5 license web portal is no longer in operation, the F9 V5.5 update is designed to support these changes.

Activate V5 unused seats
  • Update to F9 V5.5
  • Use F9 V5.5 replacement key to activate
Buy more V5 seats
  • Install F9 V5.5
  • Use F9 V5.5 new key to activate
Deactivate F9 V5
  • Install F9 V5.5
  • Use F9 V5.5 replacement key to activate and then deactivate
Increase F9 V5 tolerance
  • Reactivations no longer available
  • Use new customer self-service license portal to manage
  • Replacement license keys have been emailed to all F9 V5 active customers on maintenance. Access to the new license portal was also provided
  • Just like any F9 update, F9 V5 must be uninstalled to install F9 V5.5
  • If F9 V5 is installed on Windows Server, be aware that all F9 V5 users will need to be re-licensed to F9 V5.5 which is a permanent license tied to both a machine and fixed number of users


When is the license change?

Early 2020.

Why replacement license keys?

The F9 V5 license vendor plans to retire their license portal soon. The replacement license keys are provided to ensure your F9 license needs continue to be supported to:
  • Activate unused V5 seats
  • Deactivate/reactivate V5
  • Purchase additional seats

How to get F9 version 5.5?

  • From F9's ERP download page
  • F9 V5.5 acts like any other update
  • First uninstall and then run the F9 V5.5 install

Interested in F9 V6?

  • Our new licensing solution was first launched with F9 V6
  • Consider upgrading to leverage new functionality
  • Stay current on latest products/platforms
  • Check out What’s New in F9 V6
  • Try F9 V6 for free with 30-days trial
  • For pricing, please contact your partner/reseller or F9 sales

Can F9 V5.5 be activated without internet?

  • Yes – with the new license portal, both online and offline activation is supported
  • The new self-service license portal makes this easy
  • There is no longer any need to contact F9 support

What if there is a machine failure – will I lose my F9 license?

  • No – with the new license portal you can Remove license from device (or machine)
  • Your F9 license is then freed to be used for a new machine
  • With the self-service portal, you can manage this independently

How can I tell which users are licensed with F9?

  • Login to the new license portal to view your F9 entitlements for both the machines and users activated
  • You no longer need to request this information from F9 support

How is license activation different on Windows Server/TS/Citrix?

  • F9 V5.5 licenses are tied to both the machine + users who run F9
  • F9 V5 licenses are tied to the machine for a fixed number of users based on your F9 purchase and F9 install click-through EULA
  • When updating to F9 V5.5, each user must be licensed individually on the shared machine

Can different logins use the same F9 V5.5 license?

  • No – even if your machine is just a workstation, V5.5 licenses are tied to both machine and user
  • But, multiple users can be licensed to share and login to the same machine
  • Example: 2 user logins = 2 seats on shared machine
  • This can also be managed within the new license portal self-service

What is the F9 user no longer works for our company?

  • Within the new license portal, you can easily free up the license
  • There is no need to contact F9 technical support
  • You can manage F9 users within your organization from the portal

How do I locate my replacement license keys?

  • You will receive an email with F9 replacement keys in early 2020 if your active on F9 maintenance
  • At any time, login to the license portal to view all your entitlements (license keys)

What if I forget my login to the license portal?

  • There are two ways to login: entitlement ID (from email) or user email/password
  • If you are a partner with F9, you can reset your password via Forgot Password
  • For customers, please contact your partner or F9 support for assistance

Update to F9 Version 5.5